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x Zulhilmi Abd Wahab x
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past jobs: ex-JDL intl,ex-burger king & ex-pizza hut kitchen staff
Current job: Full time IBM support at changi industrial.
part time waiter at Tiffin Room Raffles Hotel
Current School: NYP Diploma in Info Tech
Age: 19! leo!
status: attached to ain
hobbies: fishing.
music: ska,reggae,dub,trance
favs: sleep.sunsets.


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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Female handbags at $15 dollars each.

Gift bags at $2 each.
Head Bandanas at $4 dollars each.Colours to choose from (yellow,orange,black,brown,purple,blue & green)
Female handsocks with laces at $5 each.
Malay Ang Pows for the upcoming Hari Raya at $2 for a packet.$5 for 3 packets.


this is a tribute to all those shown here.lucky i still have this pictures.thanks for being there during poly years.ill miss you all.










My class with Ms Kwa

Lectures with nad and her friends.

stupid practicals

having forced to dance.what was i thinking.i got 20 bucks for it.wtf.and im skinny!!!look at my neck!

when we had our small bbq overnight at east coast and shared a small secret at the waterbreaker.(nadiyah was there she should know.)

and when our raya was so gay.

when we stuffed pizza hut during puasa.actually suhaimi stuffed.look he so tembam!!izzati with my shades.

esplanade when we had no other places to go.
im sorry if i missed out anyone here.sekarang da grad sumer da cabut.kong asam betul.haha joking.really i miss those days lah.with so many secrets in btwns and everyday looking forward to mcd bringing tapau from south canteen cos its more cheaper.sighh.

Thursday, January 25, 2007
new year's eve pictures.

getting set.
wine master captains
normal waiters
restaurant setting

khari n the magnum bottle
goin to midnite.fast quick smoke break.
already struck midnite
washing aunty
cheers to e new year + my boss
thats laurent perrier
bigger boss and big boss.im gona miss that guy Mr Rahman.After two years with him.words just cant describe.
e bar which colleagues have fought for.
not so complete set cos most are in washing.
the end.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

ok hi..its been 2 months since i last updated..im now at blk l level 4 with ain..

anyway im left with 6 more weeks to goooo..doa2kn lah aku pass and graduate..right now im doin my final semester project...which i think it is much more worst than final year project..

hello. zul is very stressed i dunno why ah. so im here swinging my legs at the lab which is bole tahan sejok ah.

ok da ah tu jer.ain yang suroh aku update.and i'll get myself a new tagboard which aku raser aku akan malas nk layan..korg nk tag..tag lah..

yelah aku suro update kau update. OK BYE

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

fought with the manager,fought with the parents.stupid colleagues.pretty much depressed this bulan puasa/holidays.had fun during the hatyai trip but we were lucky that we escaped the hatyai bomb blast.

Sunday, September 17, 2006
zoom hatyai

set n ready

group pic

pre-jubo lecak

thai immigration

view from the 4 star hotel

they had the motorcycles infront.singapore should do this.

onboard the tuttut.duno how it's spelt.

crazy antics in 1 of e rooms.3 nights of madness

celebrated syam n kin's bdae.swensen's ice cream cake - 20 sing.

they sold rabbits

and they sold butts too.hehe.

colourful donuts

and colourful lipas goreng!

shopping gone mad


heh heh.

another group pic.last day.

goin backkk.

ok e end.bnyk la sangat pulak.nak tgk pegi sini